Media Database  

Medianet’s database of media contacts, outlets, publishers and bloggers is the largest and most up-to-date repository of media information in Australia providing you with access to an unrivalled quality of media information, list building tools and ways to connect.


Access an unrivalled quality of media information and tools

  • 1Access to the most up-to-date repository of media contact information in Australia
  • 5Uncover relationships between journalists, media outlets and colleagues
  • 2Advanced list building tools for creating and maintaining your own media lists
  • 6Identify potential media outlets or individuals to build relationships and keep record of your interactions
  • 3Research media professionals including their previously published work
  • 7Connect with journalists through social media with Twitter handles, Facebook pages, blogs and LinkedIn accounts
  • 4Manage your media strategy with task and activity management related to journalists in the media database
  • 8Build and save media lists and they will automatically be updated when new or revised contact information is received
key features
  • Access over 49,000 media records
  • View in-depth publication details including contact details and locations
  • All contacts are updated by our dedicated research team, updating over 4,000 media records each week
  • Connect with journalists via their preferred contact method with email, phone and social media details
  • Use quick or advanced search to pinpoint relevant contacts
  • Build and save media lists and they will automatically be updated when new or revised contact information is recieved
  • Gain access to media planning tools for campaign strategy planning
  • Australia’s most up-to-date media database, maintaining a 99% accuracy across all of our records
  • Australia’s largest media database with access to over one million global contacts
  • We’ll keep your lists up-to-date for you with new details being applied directly to your saved media lists
  • Online access anywhere, anytime — no bulky books or software required
  • Multiply your media research and data-update power by thousands
  • Keep on top of your activities and relationships with task management
  • We're here to help when you need us with 24/7 customer support

Worldwide media contacts

Medianet's comprehensive database includes access to media contacts from all over the world.

The AAP advantage

As a division of AAP and being owned by Fairfax and News Limited, Medianet holds a unique position in the media. Combined with our dedicated media research team, our direct relationship with the media allows us to garner more updates than any other media database provider. This advantage is passed onto our clients with not only more media contact records, but faster updates and a greater level of accuracy.

Explore how Medianet's media database can provide you with the tools and information to build the best media lists, relationships and optimise your media campaigns.
Media Contacts
Get in touch with the media that matters. Updated by our dedicated media research, each media profile has all of the details you need to connect with the media.
  • Access over 49,000 media records across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific
  • Additional access to one million global contacts
  • Search and find relevant media contacts
  • Check job titles, positions and subjects of interest
  • Access contact details including phone, email, fax and social media 
  • Check out the preferred contact methods of journalists
  • See the latest articles journalists have written
  • Build lists from multiple searches with intuitive pinning functionality 
  • Create notes, attach documents and assign tasks to specific contact records
Media outlets
Understanding the media is key to building mutually beneficial relationships and successful campaigns. Explore full profiles of media organisations including links to each organisations' employee profiles. 
  • Access 9,000 Australian and New Zealand media outlet profiles
  • View affiliated media contacts for each outlet
  • View contact details including addresses and phone numbers
  • Identify websites and social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs)
  • See publication and audience details, such as frequency, circulation, viewer audience, demographics and languages
  • View affiliated topics of interest
Search the database
Medianet has the most advanced search and save functionality for finding media contacts and building lists.
  • Use a quick search to pinpoint a specific contact or gauge the number of relevant matches for your search
  • Access our advanced search functionality for accurate and highly refined search results 
  • Save your customised search criteria for future use
  • Group your saved-searches into customised folders
  • Access your saved searches anytime to run up-to-date, relevant lists
Build your own lists
Our advanced list building functionality allows you to build and save your media lists and have them kept up-to-date with real-time updates applied to your lists as they are identified.
  • Organise your contacts into targeted lists
  • Add or edit commentary to existing lists and bulk-add comments to all contacts within a list to build your own media profile
  • Create ready-to-use mailing labels from your lists
  • Rollback functionality to revert to previous versions of your list
  • Organise your media lists into customised categories
  • Send your press release to the media lists you have built or export for offline campaigns
Manage your tasks
Remain on track with your campaigns with Medianet’s dynamic task management system. Share team notes, assign deadlines and review upcoming tasks.  
  • Create tasks for lists, contacts and more
  • Set email reminders and deadlines
  • Assign tasks to your team mates
  • Organise your tasks into folders




Media Planning Tools
Match your media research efforts with Medianet’s suite of media planning tools. Tap into upcoming events view the Editorial diary and more.  
  • Access AAP's daily Editorial Diary to understand the media focus for the day
  • Review the Media Event Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts with other organisation's media events
  • Have your own event placed on the Media Event Calendar for additional exposure
  • Distribute your press release to your customised media lists
Step 1 : Request a demo

Our team are available to provide you with an online or face-to-face demonstration of Medianet's media database. Click here to request a demo or contact our 24/7 customer support team on 1300 616 813.


Packed with the most relevant media information and list building tools, you will be amazed at not only the potential results, but the time and money you will save your organisation with access to Medianet's media database.

  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -1
    1. Start a quick search to see what you can find
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -2
    2. Check out the recently added contacts
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -3
    3. Dive into advanced search for more in-depth results
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -4
    4. Check your saved search criteria and run on demand
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -5
    5. Keep tabs on your upcoming tasks and due dates
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -6
    6. Pull together your first list of media contacts
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -7
    7. Save your customised list for future use
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -8
    8. Create some tasks for your team members
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -9
    9. Check out individual contact profiles and create notes
  • MD-Next -Steps -Step -2-Image -10
    10. Take a look at relevant media outlets
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