The AAP Newswire  

The AAP Newswire is Australia's and New Zealand's only breaking news feed, monitored 24/7 in virtually every newsroom across Australia. You can distribute your press release into the AAP Newswire exclusively via Medianet to appear alongside the day's breaking news and directly into the hands of content hungry journalists.



Exclusively distribute your content into the day's breaking news

  • 1Make your release part of the day's news and accessible from dedicated content feeds
  • 4Be part of the key publishing tool that journalists use to source, edit and publish their news stories from
  • 2Increase your visibility and chance of pick up by leading national newsrooms
  • 5Distributed in a ready-to-publish format, easy for journalists to pick up and integrate with their news
  • 3Complement your targeted Medianet Email Distribution with the broad reach of the Newswire to get your release seen
  • 6Global source of Australian news syndication
Key features
  • Monitored 24/7 by the nation's leading newsrooms and journalists
  • Multiple contact points per outlet; getting you in front of hundreds of journalists nationwide 
  • Release archiving system; allowing journalists to refer back to your releases again and again
  • Global source of Australian news syndication; with international news agency subscribers
  • Coverage of all media channels, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online outlets
  • Your contact details accessed by leading journalists 
  • Your release never gets lost or ignored with 24/7 monitoring and archiving of releases 
  • Your release delivered by the most trusted source of breaking news for over 75 years
  • Access to thousands of leading journalists searching for content for their stories
  • Ability to maximise your coverage through targeted Medianet Email Distribution and the broad reach of the All States or Individual State Newswires
  • Ready-to-publish format means journalists can pick up your release and integrate with their stories quickly
  • Access to Australia's number one provider of content solutions; AAP Medianet



Direct access into virtually every newsroom in Australia and New Zealand

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Find Out How AAP Medianet can give you exclusive access.

A newswire (or news agency) gathers, distributes and sells news to subscribing news organisations such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasters.
What Is A Newswire?
News agencies operate globally and are news wholesalers; providing accurate, reliable and objective news stories for syndication across news outlets.

Newswires are the life blood of the media industry; delivering thousands of stories, images, videos and graphics 24/7 to newsrooms and are a primary source of content for journalists. In a ready-to-publish format, newswire stories can be published direct or form the basis for new stories.
A Brief History Of Newswires
News agencies and journalists alike have relied upon newswires as a breaking news source since the 1800s.

From humble transmission via telegraph wires, journalists nowadays, rely on internet or satellite access to breaking news stories.  
  • 1830s: Telegraph becomes mainstream and enables fast speed transmission of information; giving birth to the Newswire
  • 1835: Paris' Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency is founded and one of the oldest Newswires is born
  • 1846: Associated Press news agency is founded 
  • 1851: Reuters news agency in London is founded 
  • 1935: Australian Associated Press (AAP) is established to bring overseas news into Australia and the AAP Newswire is established
  • Present Day: Newswires are still a key information source for newsrooms, with 98% of the Australian media subscribing to the AAP Newswire for breaking news and content
Unrivalled access into leading newsrooms today
Exclusively via Medianet, your press release can be posted directly into the main news feed of Australian newsrooms - the AAP Newswire.

Feeding directly to the editorial systems of Australian media outlets, your press release will appear alongside the news content of the day, getting your release in front of thousands of journalists in a ready-to-publish format.

Login or Sign Up For A Medianet Distribution Account For Exclusive Access to the AAP Newswire.

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AAP Medianet is the only provider that can exclusively distribute your press release down the AAP Newswire.  
Getting your release amongst breaking news

With unrivalled access into Australia's leading newsrooms, you can increase the visibility of your release across print, broadcast and online media channels. 

Selecting the AAP Newswire is quick and easy. You simply login to your Medianet Distribution Account and at Step 3, select the appropriate Newswire category for your release.

Login now to exclusively distribute to the AAP Newswire and get amongst the day's breaking news





The AAP Newswire provides information to virtually every newsroom in Australia, giving you the option to select a nationwide Newswire distribution or to specific states or territories.

  • All States and Territories Newswire -  nationwide access across leading print, broadcast and online channels, getting broad coverage for your release
  • State specific Newswires - get your local angle direct to specific news outlets and journalists across print, broadcast and online channels looking for local based news

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TickTargeted Media Lists 

Use the targeted reach of the most up-to-date media lists across print, broadcast, online including social media to get your release to key influencers specialising in your topic. 


TickBroad Coverage across leading newsrooms

Increase your release's visibility across virtually every newsroom in Australia by distributing via the AAP Newswire. Being monitored 24/7 means your release will be amongst content hungry journalists.


TickMaximising your chance of media coverage

Combining targeted distribution via our media lists with the broad coverage of the AAP Newswire will ensure your release is reaching specialist media contacts and those who have responsibilities across multiple topics, media types and publications; giving yor release it's best shot.


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