Infographic: Why visuals are so important for your releases


We've been doing some research on how humans interact with images and how news stories are best told with multimedia. 

Multimedia News Releases have become increasingly more important to Journalists and Editors. In this infographic, we discuss the process behind how journalists read press releases with visuals.

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  • News headlines
    • Taylor,Watling pile on misery for Zimbabwe   |  
    • Taylor,Watling pile on misery for Zimbabwe   |  
    • Cowboys blast ref after Storm NRL loss   |  
    • Ibrahimovic playing Utd dressing room role   |  
    • Port Adelaide thump Brisbane by 94 in AFL   |  
    • Monsoon floods kill at least 52 in India   |  
    • Hamburg's Spahic out, broken eye socket   |  
    • Roos win in Harvey's AFL milestone   |  
    • Sri Lanka score famous Test win over Aust   |  
    • Man walking on NSW highway killed by car   |