Infographic: Why visuals are so important for your releases


We've been doing some research on how humans interact with images and how news stories are best told with multimedia. 

Multimedia News Releases have become increasingly more important to Journalists and Editors. In this infographic, we discuss the process behind how journalists read press releases with visuals.

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  • News headlines
    • Retail sales flat in July   |  
    • Qld govt boards now 39 per cent female   |  
    • Madeline weakens to tropical storm   |  
    • Aust capex fell 5.4% in June quarter   |  
    • Parent veto unclear in Vic school doctors   |  
    • National campaign to end intolerance   |  
    • Men in court over murder of Logan woman   |  
    • Collins Foods hungry for expansion   |  
    • Rescue operations intensify in Japan   |  
    • Woods, Halatau again miss Tigers training   |