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Game on for the Federal Election
by Stephen Olsen

If you hadn't already belted yourself in for a long ride, it is now officially game on for the 2016 Federal Election. As political foes face off, it's also the season for challenging politicans on their promises and lobbying your local member.

17.02.2015  by Mercedes Carrin

The current economic outlook in China presents unprecedented opportunities for Australian businesses of all sizes. Read on to know which products are grabbing the attention of the Chinese consumers and how seize the opportunity to market your products to the most populous country in the world.

17.02.2015  by Gizelle Alam

Many companies look at reaching overseas markets when sending their press releases in order to expand their influence and success beyond their home borders. Distributing your press release globally can be valuable for any company, not just for multinational brands – and should be something that all companies explore in their PR strategies.

05.01.2015  by Gizelle Alam

Multiple studies conducted by PR Newswire and AAP Medianet have shown that press releases which include multimedia assets are significantly more visible and achieve more views than text-only releases.

05.08.2014  by Mercedes Carrin

Multimedia News Releases have become increasingly more important to Journalists and Editors. In this infographic we discuss the psychological reasoning behind why every release should include multimedia and how it becomes your best shot at getting pick up.


A recent AAP Medianet survey conducted shows that 91% of Journalists use multimedia in their stories and that they are more likely to use a news release that have assets attached, with images being the most popular. However, we find that only 7.5% of releases (statistic taken in May 2014) included multimedia in their send. But why is this the case in today’s visual world?

12.11.2013  by Delphine Vuagnoux

Newsjacking is the art of inserting your message or your brand into the news cycle when a big story breaks. By taking advantage of public interest in a breaking story with a related angle that benefits your organisation you can attract major media attention and a mass audience for your brand.


Last March, over 500 Australian communication professionals took part in Medianet's survey on how they use and distribute press releases. Check out our infographic about how your peers are using press releases.

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