The Hook Factor


Just like news articles, it’s important to hook your readers in at the start of your news release. This will determine whether your press release will get read properly or just skimmed through and forgotten.

The most important information should be placed at the top of your story. Your opening paragraph needs to encapsulate the gist of your story. Like an inverted pyramid, your biggest points should be made at the top. [Tweet This]


This is where you answer the 5 W’s and the H:

-          Who did it/who did it happen to

-          What happened

-          Where did it happen                                      

-          Why did it happen

-          When did it happen

-          How did it happen


Starting strong with the ‘Hook Factor’ combined with a great headline will get your press release the attention it deserves. And using the right ‘hook’  in the right way can help you get more publicity for your business. [Tweet This]


                               Inverted Pyramid Style


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