Client Testimonials

We first used Medianet Distribution for our major international media announcement of Nicole Kidman as a Swisse ambassador.

We selected Medianet for their widespread and timely dissemination of our news release and to reach directly into the newsrooms to target the right decision makers.

Medianet’s service is efficient, effective and simple and helped us to get excellent results, in particular for this first announcement.

We would recommend Medianet without hesitation, being simple to use, informative on desired media outlets and first class customer service.

Steve Howard
Media Manager
Swisse Vitamins  
Client Since 2012
Bauer Media Group's subscription to AAP Medianet has been an extremely positive and beneficial resource for our media business.

The instant accessibility and user friendly services have provided the individual magazines with a broad media platform for press releases, announcements, hi-res photos and more recently moving footage.

This, coupled with a great client service team as backup, has enabled us to reach a broad range of trade and industry contacts as well as consumer media proponents around the clock, seven days a week.

Deborah Thomas
General Manager Public Affairs and
Brand Development
Bauer Media Group  
Client Since 2008
Since signing up to AAP in August 2009, the savewater!® Alliance Inc. has been impressed with the ease and simplicity of AAP and how it allows for distribution of media releases.

The ability of AAP to provide access to highly targeted and specific audiences was something we believed was fundamental to our organisational growth, and the use of AAP has already provided savewater!® with far-reaching benefits.

The extensive database and contact directory AAP provides for media release distribution is extremely beneficial to our organisation and has allowed us to not only distribute media releases, but form relationships with various publications, journalists and media organisations.

We strongly recommend the use of AAP for media release distribution.

Jimmy Karanicolas
National Marketing & Members Programs

Savewater!® Alliance  

Client Since 2009
The Medianet service is a very quick and efficient service that enables me to compile very effective targeted media contact lists.

I have experienced exceptional media coverage when I’ve use Medianet.

The service Medianet has provided is excellent and they have helped us secure local, national and international media coverage.

I have found all staff very helpful; I have contacted Medianet out of hours and have always been provided with prompt/professional assistance and advice.

Karla Davies
Public Affairs & Community Relations Manager

The Royal Botanic
Gardens & Domain

Client Since 2008
AAP's Medianet Database is an invaluable tool that makes the process of news distribution simple and efficient.

This service gives a variety of options for distribution of content and allows us to target the exact audience we are writing for. It is extremely user friendly and this in turn makes us more efficient.

To top it off, the AAP support team has always offered fast and helpful responses to all queries, and generally given first-class service.

Charlotte Barry
Public Relations Executive
Bridge Climb  
Client since 2008
The Medianet service enables us to streamline the sourcing of media contacts across Australia and we can access media contacts and/or send out media releases within a very short period of time.

I have also been most impressed with the level of responsiveness as, if there are queries with specific contacts; these are always updated with a few hours or overnight.

The service has greatly streamlined our organisation’s capacity to identify writers who are interested in issues arising out of our specific sector.

It has also been effective in reducing the amount of administration and enabled us to build relationships with key media - our engagement with communications has become easier. It is also comforting that, when required, we can always make contact with a person whether this is afterhours and weekends, if need be.

Minna Knight
Director of Public Affairs

Australian Mines
& Metals Association  

Client since 2007
AAP Medianet's online distribution platform has been a valuable tool for our business.

Overall, I find it facilitates efficient use of my time, while adding a professional presentation to our communications.

It enables me to reach national media across all forums (print, radio and TV) with just a few strokes of the keyboard.

The "hold" functionality has proven to be especially beneficial, as it allows me to schedule a full month of campaign distribution in advance. Since starting the service, we have experienced a notable increase in our media coverage.

I believe I am also better positioned to evaluate our releases based on the response we receive.

Eynas Brodie
Australian Property Investor Magazine

Australian Property
Investment Magazine  

Client since 2008
RMIT University's Media and Communications unit uses Medianet frequently to send out releases and alerts. It's easy, flexible and has streamlined our operations.

Dr. David Glanz
Manager, University Communications


Client Since 2007
Just after using Multimedia News Release, we received a great number of calls from radio, television and print media, reaching a potential cumulative national audience of 8.8 million people.

In the month of our release, we found that we had received a higher proportion of TV mentions compared to our usual figures. As well as this, we received a high level of online exposure following the MNR.

William Churchill
Communication and Public Affairs Manager


Client since 2008
We use Multimedia News Release when we have a large announcement, to provide a more interesting and in-depth picture of the issue or event we’re communicating. It is also a great way to provide audio and video content for journalists when live interviews may not be possible. Also the MNR is really helpful for our key stakeholders and the fact that we could forward then the links was a real benefit.

Agata Graham
Senior Corporate Affairs Advisor
Xstrata Copper  
Client since 2011
We are very happy with the result we achieved after using the Newswire. We chose Medianet because we wanted to increase the response rates of our media alerts. This proved to be a right decision. Overall, our experience with Medianet has been very positive without mentioning the great customer service and support we received.

We would definitively recommend Medianet services to other clients.

Jeff Kaplan
PR and Promotions Manager
Client since 2013
Palin Communications has been working with Medianet for many years and their services are really effective and relevant to our projects.

The Medianet media contact database is probably the most important service that we do use pretty much on a daily basis, so traditionally we have tried to manage our own lists internally but it is really hard, it’s quite time consuming and journalists, editors and producers tend to move around quite a bit so we’re confident that the database has all the latest contact details and they do have really easy search terms.

So it’s really easy for us just to jump on there, create lists and really get targeted media lists that we need for our projects.

Karina Durham,
Senior Account Manager

Client since 2007
Bourse Communications uses AAP Medianet’s services frequently for both press release distribution and collating media target lists.

Not only is Medianet easy to use, but it is also very effective and we have achieved some excellent media outcomes as a result.

Medianet’s extensive media contacts database has become an integral part of Bourse Communications’ media strategy.

Whenever we need to find a specific journalist or compile a targeted media contact list, we use Medianet.

Marie Dyhr
Communications Liaison Officer


Client since 2009
Medianet has become a valuable part of what we offer our clients at Liquid Ideas.

A stand out for us has been the multimedia news release service which is excellent as it allows us to combine all the elements of a campaign into one easy location for the media to access with the ability to have a media release accompanied by a video, audio grabs, images and fact sheets.

We continue to work with the Medianet team because they are service-orientated, highly responsive and continue develop products and features that not only help us but our clients too.

Liquid Ideas  

Client since 2008
In my professional career I have practised in crisis management and advised many leading businesses. One of the questions put to me most often was - "What is the one thing you would advise companies to do to improve their businesses? Invariably, whatever their business, I would reply - "one word - service".

I have always valued my relationship with AAP Medianet, not least because of the quality of your service. I can assure you that if I ever have need for your skills and client support, you will be the only provider I will contact.

Peter Sawyer
Communications Specialist
Peter Sawyer
Public Relations  

Client since 2002
It was the first time we used Medianet: we decided to choose a multimedia news release to help us promote one of our projects called One Parramatta.

The customer service was really helpful as it gave me great guidance among the many options available.

The results were fantastic: we got coverage in local newspapers, ethnics media, on blogs and on radio.

This has excellent benefits for a small amount of time dedicated on this aspect of the project.

Priscilla Brice-Weller
Managing Director
All Together Now  
Client Since 2010
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